My 2015 reading list

readinglistWhereas, I consistently read half a dozen books at any given time, sometimes not finishing them.

Whereas, the library knows me as the woman who hangs onto books indefinitely, often checking them out indefinitely.

And Whereas, I know that confessing this before you and sharing with you my reading list for the new year will motivate me to meet my goal.

I hereby resolve to read more.

And not just more. Specifically 14 more books this year.

It’s an ambitious list for me–particularly considering some substantial goals my husband and I have for the year. But reading is rewarding work.

Narrowing down the list was difficult, so I tacked on a few bonus books I’ve been meaning to read if I complete the list.

While I slowly chip away at the canon of literature, and expand my knowledge of economics and journalism, a few other thoughts inspired this potpourri of books. They are–

-Many thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch for being so wonderfully weird. It makes me want to read Sherlock Holmes. Any favorites?

-You know, I’ve never been wild about Shakespeare, outside of his comedies. But I feel like reading Shakespeare is part of being a well-rounded reader. I would eventually like to read all of his plays.

That Hideous Strength is third in C. S. Lewis’s beloved space trilogy after Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra–two beautiful allegories set on other planets. I think I might have read the third book in high school. But I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate it more than ten years ago. I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate it when I picked it up last year. I found the academic talk at the beginning to be a bit of a snooze. But I look forward to finishing the trilogy this year.

-I’ve read Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring once and half of The Two Towers at least twice. I always get lost in the middle, right around the Entmoot–a meeting of the trees.

-And perhaps we could all stand to read a little more Kafka. A culture that tosses around words like Kafkaesque should probably know more about his work than “The Metamorphosis.”

What books are you reading this year?


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