Misspelling, a love story

Good thing someone is inforcing that no parking rule. Photo by Matt Foster-- http://bit.ly/1Ntt8Xt.

Good thing someone is inforcing that no parking rule. Photo by Matt Foster– http://bit.ly/1Ntt8Xt.

I’m not a perfect speller. I consult my dictionary often. But I have a confession–and a bit of a mean streak. I feel a shudder of joy when I catch a spelling error in print.

And if the mistake is in a published book, even better! A classic? Oh boy!

It’s like my sweetheart whispered a secret in my ear that only I get to know. The author missed it. And the editor (or proofreader) missed it. But I was just sharp enough to catch it.

Less sweet, however, are all those emails I receive with poor subject-verb agreement. Or when someone types its, but means it’s, not once, but over and over. That’s not joyous. It’s just annoying.

And isn’t it time we learn the difference between except and accept? The former refers to exclusion, the latter to reception, by the way.

I’m a fickle sweetheart. At some point catching mistakes becomes tiresome.

Of course, some of the errors mentioned above aren’t mere misspellings. They’re the wrong word altogether. If not for context, you wouldn’t be able to determine what the writer is communicating.

If you love spelling, funny communication errors and catching mistakes like I do, check out the spelling mishaps below.

But first, let’s get one thing straight, alot is not a word. At least, not according to The Oatmeal–

“You don’t write alittle, abunch, acantaloupe, aporkchop. So don’t write alot.”

16 of the worst typos Hubspot has ever seen.

18 common spelling mistakes that make you look dumb. Unless your Ernest Hemingway. Then you’re obviously brilliant.

The Guardian’s top 5 embarrassing misprints.


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