Three reasons journalists make the best copywriters

box of newspapers

A box of some of my published stories

I occasionally run across a marketing guru shepherding his followers away from the dangers of employing someone with a journalism background or (gasp) an English major. Copywriting is more about marketing than writing, they warn.

And I laugh a little each time I read this warning because good writing is about marketing. It’s about knowing what information to share and when. Good writing offers something good marketing should–it’s designed to get you to hear what it has to say.

If you’re looking for a copywriter or editor for your next project, here are three benefits to working with a journalist–

They get to the point

If you’re telling a story, don’t bury the lede. You have about five seconds to capture a reader’s attention. This means you have one chance to make your main point. Journalists specialize in making that first sentence count.

They’re natural storytellers 

People are drawn to stories. And reporters love to tell stories every chance they get. Think about what draws you into a good news story, or what gets you teary-eyed during a commercial break. A good writer can extract what makes your organization special and craft your story from it.

They’re thorough

You have one chance to make a good impression. And it’s true that no one’s perfect, and perfection is boring, and yada, yada. But your credibility hinges on how well-written your message is. Journalists are trained to screen for cliches, misspellings and other taboos that can sour your clientele.

Reporters are notoriously fastidious about their work. We tend to review it even after submitting it to catch errors and to make sure it’s clear and concise.

Consider bringing a journalist into your corner when sharing your message with your audience.

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