Your five favorite posts of 2015 revisited

As we close the books on this year, I rounded up a few of your favorite posts according to a combination of likes, comments, social networking shares and page views. See the countdown below to revisit your favorite tips and stories of 2015.

5) Four tips to build credibility in your writing

Carry these four tips into the new year to help you perfect your blog and business writing.

Congaree River flooding

The water level recedes from under the Blossom St. bridge after SCE&G releases water from the Lake Murray Dam on Sunday.

4) Diary from a 1,000-year flood—after the rain

Historic flooding devastated infrastructure, homes and businesses across the state. I wrote a series of diary entries chronicling the event from the perspective of a South Carolina native.

"Literally" gif

Image source–

3) Be concise—cut these six words and phrases

Got bulk weighing down your writing? Cut these six words and phrases out of your writing to make it easier to read.

2) Bitten—my personal fight against Lyme’s Disease

Earlier this year I shared my personal experience with Lyme’s Disease. Figuring out the illness that kept me down off and on throughout the years has been quite a journey. Read more about my odyssey here.

grave--Wade Hampton III

The burial place of Gen. Wade Hampton III

1) Rooted in South Carolina—150 years after the burning of Columbia

This year marked the anniversary of Sherman’s infamous march on Columbia. It was an important anniversary for history lovers everywhere. And it challenged me to connect with my South Carolina roots. This was the top post of the year.

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