Five things to consider before crafting your next email subject line

You’ve written your best email yet. And you can’t wait to share it with readers. But before you email your audience, consider your first impression–the subject line. Consider these five things as you write your next subject line–


According to one marketing guru on LinkedIn, subject lines ranging from six to 10 words in length correlate with higher email open rates. This makes sense when you consider people are increasingly reading email on their mobile devices. Many desktop inboxes display approximately 60 characters. And mobile devices show 25 to 30, according to

Say what you mean

The best subject lines tell you what’s inside the email. Marketers should deliver on promises to their audiences.

Mind the spam filters

There seems to be a difference of opinion on whether to avoid the word, “free” in subject lines. Some bloggers and marketers report higher open rates after using promotional terms. It’s worth testing different promotional terms if you’re running a promotion. But know that sales terms can be caught in spam filters and are often ignored by subscribers.

Urgency and exclusivity

Think of your email as a gift to your readers. If you want readers to subscribe to your updates, you have to regularly give them something they can’t get elsewhere. You can encourage readers to open your email by creating urgency–running a one-day special, for instance. Or offer an exclusive tip reserved only for subscribers.

What’s in it for me?

Your readers will think this question. Make sure you’ve expressed a clearly defined benefit as often as possible.


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