Lowering your bounce rate, from one non-web guru to another

tablet screenI don’t check in on my website analytics quite like I’m supposed to.

One particular post at The Carolina Ledger performed well on social media last week. My interest in my website’s analytics is usually piqued when that happens.

When I checked my report, I noticed something I’ve notice before–a high bounce rate. (Cue dramatic music.)

So, I decided to learn how to change that.

A site’s bounce rate in a given time frame is a measurement of how well visitors stick to your site.

Bounce rates tend to be moderate on content sites. Bounce rates on blogs are generally high, ranging from 70 to 98 percent, according to some marketers.

Making matters more difficult to decipher, bounce rates aren’t inherently reliable indicators. Some page exits that are logged as bounce rates don’t tell the whole picture.

So what’s a blogger to do?

First, take a step back and analyze the user friendliness of your site.

In addition to offering killer content, make sure your website is a place people want to visit.

For instance, I’m committed to limiting pop-ups. Few things are more annoying than being slapped in the face by a pop-up while you’re in the middle of reading a sentence.

Look at your text. Is the typeface reader-friendly? Are the paragraphs broken into small chunks of text? Have you used subheads to break up long posts?

These items are a good starting point when you’re analyzing your site’s user-friendliness.

Look at your bounce rate in context.

No metric is an end in itself. You should consider the rate in the context of other metrics, like the time spent on your website, according to WordStream.

Additional tips–

Here are 10 other ways to reduce your bounce rate from WordStream.

This infographic explains how to decrease your bounce rate.

Six causes of a high bounce rate.






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