Mailchimp expands typeface choices



I use Tahoma for my headings.

The email newsletter service, MailChimp has expanded design options to include several web fonts.

This is great news for writers who lack general coding expertise, but are skilled in other areas of design. (Ahem. That’d be me.)

I’m thrilled about the new options for my Carolina Ledger newsletter, where I currently use Tahoma for headings. It’s a good standby, although not favored by some designers. I chose it from MailChimp’s limited options because it’s easily recognizable, easy to read and lacks frills.

But it may be time for a change. I’m in the process of learning a little more about web fonts and weighing the benefits before I make a change. For instance, some email clients don’t support web fonts. Even though MailChimp replaces the web font with a standard typeface when necessary, this is something to consider before changing style.

Which typefaces do you love working with?


2 thoughts on “Mailchimp expands typeface choices

  1. I’m all about Californian for headlines and Calibri for copy. Nothing else. I found two that I like, and I stick with them because there’s nothing worse than design that is cluttered with a bevy of fonts. Have you ever gotten an email where the individual has three or four different taglines, in different fonts and colors? Very unappealing visually and probably doesn’t do much to push whatever they’re trying to alert the receiver to.

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