Best of good copy

file_000-39When I think of what makes for good copy, I think of things that make me laugh or think. Good copy is memorable, concise and consistent. I have a soft spot for copy that is funny and whimsical.

Here are three goods and services companies that get copy right–

Cromer’s, “guaranteed worst in town”file_000-38

Locally, Cromer’s is known for popcorn and nuts. But I occasionally visit this Columbia-based snack shop for its coffee.

Cromer’s has done a good job of carrying the “worst” and the “nuts” themes throughout the store, from its menu to merchandise. And who doesn’t love a little self-deprecating humor?

“No Ragrets” soap by Whiskey River Soap Co.

This soap “smells like a bad tattoo.” It won’t undo every mistake, but it sure is fun. And something you clean with may as well be fun.

Whiskey River has a range of products from candles to soap, of course. They have a little something for everyone, including soap for introverts, which is unscented, of course. One of my favorites is soap for evil dictators, which is “scented with the plight of the peoples.”

The Lake Murray Fish Wrapper

I ran across a copy of the Fish Wrapper a few months ago in a Lexington restaurant and loved it. This local publication, by Lexington County Chronicle, is a neighborhood paper with features, classifieds and regular comics.

It’s great because it’s playful and informative–basically what a good community newspaper should be. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It plays on the idea of using newspaper as fish wrap, which has a natural connection to the lake.

What are your favorite products and campaigns?


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