A few of my favorite puns from Bob’s Burgers

I love a good pun. Good, bad or ugly, none is master of the pun more than the animated franchise, Bob’s Burgers.

It’s a lovable show about a burger joint owner and his family, which is constantly (lovingly?) sabotaging his business.


Image source–giphy.com

And for all its punniness, Bob’s Burgers has lots else to love.

Like my favorite character, the mischievous nine-year-old Louise, who’s always looking for adventure. Or trouble.

Or the gawky, boy crazy older sister, who reminds us of what it was like to be in the eighth grade.

Or like how the cast frequently breaks out into a bad musical.

I began re-watching the series recently after recovering from dental surgery and rediscovered so much joy in the writing.

Here are three of my favorite puns from the show–

“Don’t taste me, bro!”

The health inspectors riles up the community with a nasty rumor that the restaurant is serving human remains in its burgers. One picketer carries a sign demonizing Bob’s for practicing cannibalism. Printed on the sign is the phrase, “don’t taste me, bro!”

Remember this kid from the 2007 John Kerry forum? He was quite an inspiration.

(Season 1, episode 1)

Waxing Philosophical

The quirky signage atop the businesses is one of the funniest things about this show.

Linda, the mom, forces a bonding experience with Louise, while Bob takes teenaged Tina to Waxing Philosophical to get her legs waxed for the first time. Somehow, father and son end up also getting their legs waxed, which is the kind of thing that happens often in this show.

While the others get beautified, Linda and Louise inadvertently bond over an aggressive game of laser tag at Lasers and Gentlemen.

(Season 3, episode 10)

A good manchego is hard to find

All hail to the goofy, punny, (hopefully) cheesy burger of the day!

And to Flannery O’Connor, who penned this particular burger’s inspiration, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.”

Look to the right of the cash register for each episode’s menu and a laugh.

(Season 5, episode 10)


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