3 things I always do before hitting “send”

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After taking a bit of a sabbatical (hi, friends, how’ve you been?) I thought we’d talk about something basic today–giving your web-based marketing materials a last look before hitting send.

My process may sound simple and obvious, but I run across so many mistakes that should have been easily caught–especially if the publisher has a good editor. So it’s important to have a process for catching simple mistakes.

This post deals more with preventing email errors than with general mistakes that, let’s face it, we all make.

Here’s my process for preventing errors in email campaigns.

View it like a reader

Preview mode in MailChimp’s email marketing system

I love many things about Mailchimp, including the preview option. But I always send myself a test copy of my email campaign. If it’s 2 a.m. and I can barely keep my eyes open, I send a copy.

I first give the email a broad look. How does it look overall? Are there problems with the typeface? Are the links in place?

Check the links

I always test new links to make sure they work. It’s easy to overlook them, and you don’t want readers to connect to an old or broken link.

I check at least a few old links, too. I check share links and follow links to make sure they’re still working. Take nothing for granted.

Give it a last look before opening

It’s helpful to take a step back and look at your email’s subject line. And I mean really look at it. Ask yourself this–is it clear? Can I shorten it? How does it flow into any preview text?

I hope these guidelines help. What’s on your editing checklist?


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