Why I open almost every Apartment Therapy email

I have a confession–my first-ever email account is a graveyard for marketing advice, health tips and sales promotions that I plan to get to. Eventually.

I’m an email packrat. My filing system includes leaving unopened the emails I really want to read. Eventually.

But there’s one daily roundup I open almost every day. It’s from Apartment Therapy.

I think I know why. Beautiful, simple design and writing are part of it. Fun, off-beat ideas on decorating and saving money are too.

But ultimately, the draw to open those emails comes down to this–I get more than I give.

The website is a business, complete with ads and links to products sold by Apartment Therapy’s partners.

But the site’s central theme is economization. Of space and of finances. Because who doesn’t want to know which 6 Trader Joe’s household items are available for under $10? (And who doesn’t want an excuse to pre-shop Trader Joe’s?)

And who doesn’t want a tip on how to cut time wasting while folding the laundry?

Even if the tips on the inside aren’t life-altering. They’re promising. Promising enough to entice me to open the emails at least two-thirds of the time.

What are some of your ideas for giving more to your audience?


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