How to put color to work for your marketing

Color wheel--public domain

Color wheel–public domain

When I’ve written for clients in the past, I’ve focused my communications skills on the writing portion of mailers, newsletters and other written communications. My strengths involve organizing information and writing clearly. But did you know communicating with design elements is just as important as the words used?

The starting point for your message is what your audience sees, not what they read. If you use visual elements that are distracting, a reader may miss your message altogether.

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On “Politics and the English Language”


George Orwell wrote his essay, “Politics and the English Language” nearly 70 years ago. And while our political jargon has changed, he offered some still applicable advice for crafting clear language.

His point was that political chaos and the decay of language are linked. But I consider the essay essential reading for anyone who communicates ideas through writing and speech. This probably applies to almost everyone.

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Rooted in South Carolina–150 years after the burning of Columbia

The burial place of Gen. Wade Hampton III

The burial place of Gen. Wade Hampton III


I visited the graveyard along side Sumter Street’s Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Friday and felt something I didn’t expect—jealousy.

February 17 marked the 150th anniversary of the burning of Columbia led by Union General William T. Sherman. And like many other South Carolinians, I wanted to know more about the burning of my city during the American Civil War—or, War Between the States, if you prefer.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day–otherness and casualties of war

"Arbeit Macht Frei" hangs over the entrance to Auschwitz. It means work makes free.

“Arbeit Macht Frei” hangs over the entrance to Auschwitz. It means work makes free.


Etta James croons over my laptop speakers as I thumb through pictures I took during a group trip to several concentration camps in Poland almost eight years ago.

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My 2015 reading list

readinglistWhereas, I consistently read half a dozen books at any given time, sometimes not finishing them.

Whereas, the library knows me as the woman who hangs onto books indefinitely, often checking them out indefinitely.

And Whereas, I know that confessing this before you and sharing with you my reading list for the new year will motivate me to meet my goal.

I hereby resolve to read more.

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