Diary from a 1,000 year flood–after the rain


The sun is finally showing his face. At least some area residents can find relief from the receding flood waters.

A meteorologist at a local news station is overcome with emotion. It’s a pretty good reflection of what a lot of locals are feeling.

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Diary from a 1,000-year flood

I was a little girl living in Florence when category 5, Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina. I remember the tree that fell on my neighbor’s house. Downed trees and power lines. Tree frogs clinging to our screen door in the rushing wind. Being stuck in the dark for days after the storm hit. And news footage of homes along the coast than had been leveled.

But I’d never seen a natural disaster wash away the earth like it was nothing. I’d never seen water constrict large structures until the windows shatter under the pressure. I had never seen so many roads collapse at once–at least not before last Sunday. Not in Columbia.

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